Page 6 - The Mirror Summer 2010
P. 6
Century Old Bridge Out of Time

If our ‘Old Bridge’ lets us down, who will be held responsible?

The designers and builders of our proud old bridge had no idea of the weight that she would have to bear. Multiple
layers of pavement, 100’s of tons of cement barriers, and 30 tons trucks could never have been envisioned at that time.
Nor could those gallant creators foresee a time when our regional regime would disregard metal fatigue, lack of pro-
tective coating and TLC.
Our authorities have known of this looming crisis for years and yet they have stampeded toward unfettered spending
as if this day would never come.
Our Regional Government has wasted $30Million funding their Niagara Economic Development Corporation,
which cannot or will not point to any measurable success in attracting new industries to Niagara.
Further, when asked by NWC not one Regional Councillor could point to meaningful NEDC success.
Our Regional Counsellors adamantly refuse to address Niagara’s extraordinary over governance.
Based on the number of counsellors for 430K Niagara Citizens, the City of Toronto’s 2.5Million population
COULD claim an EQUALLY REDICULOUS 175 counsellors instead of Toronto’s 42!
While our Regional Councillors were shamed into a pay freeze, the 2009 welfare rolls increased by 20%!
Our Regional Government continues to tax and spend to build their empire, while indicating their intention to
double our debt load, and tells us that our water bills will be increased by 10% every year for the next 10 years!
Even with $100’s millions in reserves, our Regional Government borrows $137Million (without earmarks) for
Four levels of tax-burning elected government, plus several unelected corporations, commissions, authorities
and committees, all of which have brought us to the unsatisfactory situation Niagara Region is facing today!
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