Page 4 - The Mirror Summer 2010
P. 4
A city administration’s character can be measured by the appearance of its city

Lets hope the $100,000,000.00 ‘arts center’ will rescue St. Paul Street!

Why does our city chronically display dozens of empty storefronts? July 2010

Even our two downtown City Councillors have vacated their stores!

The Downtown Association administrators claim it’s not their responsibility!

Our City regime collects $6,000 for a 500 Square foot space in a city owned parking
garage, which is a tight fit for the Downtown Association’s Board of Directors!

City regime forces downtown businesses to pay the DTA $150K

for overhead when dedicated volunteers could do a better job!

DTA, Economic Development Dept., 12 Councillors, 1 Mayor and no one accountable?

We must NOT let the ‘Ghost Walk’ Get any closer to reality!
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