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A little propriety would never go amiss!

Proud of Port Dalhousie?

The Facts: The fast-flowing water of Twelve Mile Creek rips past
what will be Port Place and pours into the Lakeside Park beach in
Port Dalhousie. Rich in untreated sewage and farmland runoff, it
promotes an algae growth that covers the shoreline with rotting
green slime, and produces a funky stench that chokes the breath
right out of you- even several hundred meters in from shore.
This is but one of the local delights that don't make the travel
brochures or the condo bumpf. The beaches are closed for many
days during the peak summer period due to dangerous bacteria
levels, and even when the posts are taken down, knowing St. Ca-
tharines residents refuse to go into the water.
Robert Montgomery OSA
Proud FaceBook publisher

Just when everyone assumed that the war over the new
development, known as Port Place, had ended, we are sur-
prised that the detractors of the development have the te-
merity to post shocking and despicable pictures and com-
mentary on Face Book and the internet!
The upshot of ‘Proud’ member Montgomery’s disgust-
ing on-line attack is to chase visitors, home buyers and
even local patrons from gracing the shops, restaurants and
taverns of Port Dalhousie!
‘Proud’ member Montgomery actually posted disturb-
ing images of Port’s infamous couple including their for-
mer residence, along with street address, as if he is sug-
gesting Port Dalhousie is a dangerous place!
‘Proud’ member Montgomery’s opposition to the new
development is no reason for such repulsive behaviour!
Is ‘proud’ member Montgomery suggesting that ‘Rowdy Gangs’ will come July 28/2010: Proud executives said the site was re-
when Port Place is built or is he saying that ‘Rowdy Gangs’ are already here? moved but well into August the site is Still Up!
Is he suggesting that Port Place might just be a solution ‘Rowdy Gangs?

No progress is made by people supporting the status quo!
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