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Enough is Enough
The list is growing! The growing ‘list’ is the number Say it ain’t So!
of citizens that have had enough of our regime’s selective Bribery and Ticket Fixing in St. Catharines?
indifference to the cries of hard working taxpayers!
Have a tax crusader stand up for the taxpayer and what Mayorgate says it is so!
do you get? You get cowardly insiders slinging deliber-
ately demeaning slurs from behind pseudonyms against
any criticism of what they consider as their stunning Mayorgate complete with sound recording and full in-
achievements and their awe-inspiring government. formation can be found at:
The Niagara Winners Circle asked City Council for an
explanation of the BMA report that indicated that our
roads cost 5 times the provincial average. According to Following is the transcript of City Councillor’s
explanations by our city officials, the difference is predi- phone message left on an answering machine:
cated on accounting procedures and that our roads are
better maintained! It turns out that the cost of our roads is “Hi, Mark Jenn Stevens calling I
ONLY 3 TIMES the provincial average! met with Mayor McMullan and the
It was the efforts of the Niagara Winners Circle that engineering department, Dan Dillon
caused the rollback of $1.7million, creating a zero 2010 and Mike Wilson yesterday in re-
tax increase from the Niagara Regional Government. gards to your water um, damage and
It is the Niagara Winners Circle that takes on bureau- that ah, occurred in your yard as
cratic misconduct, out of control arbitrators, high taxes, well as your snow shovelling um,
over-governance, commercial vacancies, empty store- invoice.
fronts, under-achieving & overpaid bureaucracies, high Councillor Stevens
unemployment, and our community’s exploding poverty. "The Mayor is going to look after your snow
Though it all, there is the same old tired drivel from shovelling invoice so you won’t have to pay that, so
the same old defenders of the status quo, many of which you can put that aside. Um, I’ll have a letter of to
are insiders, spewing their self-serving wisdom that we follow up on that um, so you don’t have to pay it,
should change our name to Niagara Wind Machine. and I’ll drop that out to you.
Perhaps they are still resentful that the national media
changed our name from ‘Garden City’ to ‘Garbage City’. "Also they will be digging a trench from 20 feet
Surely our city and region would do a hell-of-a-lot bet- from the east side of um, Sun Collision all the way
ter if pseudonym-sniping wind-bags would publicly step down to back to the park’s department shovelling the
up to the plate and do something meaningful to address water into the drain-off that goes off of Merritt Street
some of our City and Region’s obvious shortcomings. so hopefully that will alleviate a lot of your water prob-
Why would they not want to boldly declare them- lems. Um, thank you very much and ah, we’ll keep in
selves if they truly believe that they have accomplished so touch, thank you and take care.”
much on behalf of our citizens? Better yet, why don’t
they simply list their accomplishments that they have Should Mayor McMullen
achieved that have not cost the taxpayer a lot of money or FIX everyone’s legitimate ticket or
have not run up our burden of debt?
only taxpayers with a grievance?
Anybody can buy anything with an unlimited supply of

Political election ploy... Delay exorbitant expenditures until after the election!
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