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Who is Andrew Petrowski?

Mr. Petrowski seems to be many things to many dif- You may wonder if Andy has garnered any tangible
ferent people and for many different reason. successes for all his effort. Well, as a taxpayer, you will be
There are those from within political circles who have glad to hear that indeed he has. As a taxpayer you should
their reasons to think Mr. Petrowski is a royal pain in the be happy that he participated, with others, in saving our
backside. Of course they hold that opinion of anyone who municipality $Millions! In some cases the savings meant a
would challenge their ‘unwavering wisdom’! There are reduced amount in tax increases or impeding our mush-
politicians that shutter at the very thought that someone rooming debt burden. In the face of organized big spend-
would scrutinize their ‘impeccable performance’! ers, Andy has significantly increased the value of hard
There are those in bureaucracy that cannot abide any- earned tax dollars!
one challenging their infallibility! For instance; the overpriced 6 lane swimming pool and
So, who is Andrew Petrowski? library plan, which would have negated any opportunity
Mr. Petrowski fits the definition of all the above and for a cost-mitigating opportunity inherent in an 8 lane
much, much more. His friends call him Andy! Some poli- pool! Oh! Did we mention Andy was successful in reduc-
ticians are known to have names for him that should ing the initial 8-lane price tag by $3 Million?!
never be spoken in polite company. It would appear that Then there was the situation where our ‘magnificent
Andy has taken it upon himself to challenge the character Seven’ regional councillors, supposedly representing our
and fidelity of authority. But, why? Why would anyone city, took the position that an surplus $1.7 million, in the
willingly suffer character assassination, trumped up 2010 year's budget should remain with ‘their’ government
criminal accusations and physical threats? on the basis that ‘even’ people who live in ‘straw houses’
Scuttlebutt suggests that Andy started to notice that could afford it! Our ‘Magnificent Seven’ and others were
our new Mayor was in the process of breaking every overwhelming a handful of councillors who thought the
promise the Mayor made to get elected. He began to extra $1.7Million should be returned to the taxpayer. Andy
worry about tax increases and the whopping debt being turned the vote around with his ‘Soup Can’ presentation.
created by the Mayor and his colleagues. When Andy,
quite rightly, brought his concerns before city council, he
was promptly ruled out of order, by the Mayor! If Andy It was Andy that demanded and received the right to
burst the seams of his allotted time at the podium he suf- witness the Niagara Economic Development Corpora-
fers immediate repudiation. This happens to all presenters tion’s ‘secret’ annual general meeting! Andy discovered
that are less than agreeable to the Mayor. This never hap- the true value of this feckless organization, which answers
pens to the presenters favourable to our Mayor's version to no one and has yet to point to a modicum of success in
of authority! procuring any new industry and industrial jobs as their
When Andy hits a nerve regarding any given situation, mandate dictates! NEDC is a 15 year, $30Million disap-
the council was never prompted to ask an obvious follow- pointment!
up question. This political tactic is generally used to Secrecy, broken promises, tax-increases, rapidly
quickly get rid of anyone who pose any possible risk of growing debt, obfuscation, questionable legalities and
an embarrassing contretemps. Often, after he leaves the abuse of the citizen!
podium, the Mayor will make some off-hand comment, Is it any wonder that a guy like Andy would rail
which offers Andy no opportunity to respond. against $hundreds of thousands of untendered dollars se-
Andy is not the only one who rails against, what he cretly being spent by the City, out-of-town, that could
perceives as political and bureaucratic abuse of the tax- very well have been accomplished locally!
payer, but he is very tenacious. You may not agree with Andy’s point is that we could save a lot of hard earned tax
his approach! There may be a lot of things you would do dollars and we would garner far more local jobs by spreading
different, if you were doing it! The difference is; he is our wealth locally!
doing it! It appears certain that the many people like Mr. An-
He is standing steadfast for his convictions; something drew Petrowski are an indispensable foil to those we
that is very rare in this day and age of obsequious com- have hired and elected!

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